Ceremony Transportation
Buses will be available for guests to take from the Haley Mansion to St. Mark’s. Buses leave at 2:15 and 2:30 from the lobby of the Inn at Mystic. If driving directly to St. Mark's, the Mystic drawbridge will be going up at 2:40pm. Because of this and limited parking, please be sure to plan additional time accordingly.




Nicole and Alex

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

April 2017:
We met in April 2017 on a night out in West Hartford Center. Nicole had just arrived at Grant’s when Alex’s friends approached her group. Alex however was too busy drinking from his fish bowl to be distracted by anything or anyone else. That is, until his friend’s encouraged him to introduce himself to Nicole. We chatted all night and this would end up being our first of many fun nights out enjoying the bars and restaurants of West Hartford.

June 2017:
Two months later, on a rainy Monday, we went out on our first official date at BarTaco. It took until this point for Nicole to learn that his name was in fact Alex (thank you waiter for asking for his ID and thank you Alex’s friends for giving him a million nicknames!). After many hours of talking, laughter, and multiple margaritas, we both knew we couldn’t wait to do this again.

September 2017:
With Alex finally back home from a summer in Newport with his college friends, we finally decided to make our relationship official. And after 5 months, Nicole finally added Alex into her phone contacts. Good things take time 🙂.

May 2020:
Just a few months after the world was put on lockdown because of Covid, we moved in together. What better way to stress test a relationship than to spend every second of every day together. Luckily for us, living with each other would be the easiest transition and so much fun.

May 2022:
Fast forward, five years after first meeting, and we were in Aruba on vacation with Nicole’s family. After a day of exploring the island, we had dinner reservations at a beautiful restaurant on the beach. We got to the restaurant early for “drinks” and Alex insisted we go check out the famous trees that were further down the beach. After some intense questioning from Nicole (particularly around how he knew these trees were famous and why she couldn’t bring her drink with her), we walked to the famous trees. Alex said all these nice things, Nicole was in shock, and the next thing we knew we were engaged. And to top it all off, Alex had planned for a local photographer to capture the whole thing. The sunset, live acoustic guitarist, beautiful beach, and being surrounded by family made the whole night one we will never forget!